Our Cross-Border M&A

“Unchanging spirit” for more than 30 years

RECOF Corporation has a history of more than 30 years in the Cross-border M&A business. During the course of the history, we have kept respecting and maintaining our “spirit of the founding time”, with the emphasis on taking care of “human elements” in the M&A transaction process, in addition to strategic and financial aspects.

“Consistent services” despite the M&A market “Transformation”

While the environment surrounding the M&A market has substantially changed since our company’s foundation, services we provide have been consistent, with our dedication to building relationships between the investors and targets, and buyers and sellers, even when it requires troublesome and time-consuming efforts.

“Understanding of the seller’s mind” before proposing to the buyer

In the majority of the cases, we make efforts to spend time with the sellers and understand their minds and thoughts (including the reason for selling) prior to bringing the potential transactions to the buyers. We do not simply obtain the information on potential deals from other advisors and deliver to the buyers without knowing the real situation and status of the seller.

“Our New Activities in Vietnam and Asia”

Under the circumstances and assumptions that, in general, Japanese corporations are welcomed as investors from almost all the areas in the world, we self-questioned which country or area would welcome them the most. We have concluded that Vietnam and surrounding Asian countries would be the answer in term of strategic meaning and future prospect for both sides.

“Continuous challenges” to create bridges between the nations

Substantial time and efforts are needed for Cross-border transactions. However, with the strong commitment and belief that strategic alliances via M&A will contribute not only to Japanese and other global companies but also to the economic growth of Vietnam and Asia, we continue devoting ourselves to create as many bridges between the countries as possible.