M&A in Vietnam and Asia

Network in Vietnam and Asia

Recently, Asian countries have achieved a remarkable development, which has brought out huge demand for M&A opportunities. We provide strong supports for the M&A transactions between Japan and Asia as well as Europe and America. We have built our own network globally and responded to the M&A needs of our client companies.

Vietnam and Asia

  • With Vietnam as the core axi, we have established a wide network in the Southeast Asian countries and provided comprehensive supports for the entry of our clients in these markets. Our strength is originating transactions by utilizing our own network and providing clients with information in a timely manner. Especially, we are concentrating on countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, where the middle income population has recently achieved a striking growth and Japanese clients have accordingly focused their interests.
  • While most of the Japanese companies entered into Vietnam to establish overseas manufacturing bases in the past, the middle income population has grown to attract their attentions as a market for consumers. As a result, activities related to M&A are currently active in every sector from manufacturing to service.
  • We offer high-quality M&A services with our extensive experience and knowledge of local business practices, legal, accounting, other regulations, and minimize in advance the obstacles we face in M&A deals.

Experience in Vietnam

We have started M&A business in Vietnam from 2011.

  • 150Companies

    Accompanied more than 150 companies from Japan (for site visits, top management meetings and DD between Vietnamese companies)
  • 50Mandates

    Acquired 50 mandates from Japanese major companies on the buy side
  • 10Companies

    Acquired 10 mandates from Vietnamese companies on the sell side
  • 1,000Times

    Proposal of transactions in Vietnam to Japanese Companies
  • 35Transactions

    Arranged Due Diligence for 35 transactions
  • 40Transactions

    Working on 40 live transactions between Vietnamese and Japanese companies
  • 8times

    Sponsoring of Vietnam M&A Forum
  • 11Transactions

    Closing of 11 transactions(Capital participation (10),Business alliance(1))

Contribution in Vietnam with a High Evaluation from the Vietnamese Government

We participated in many activities in Vietnam.

Aug. 2018

Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 10th Vietnam M&A Forum
Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 10th Vietnam M&A Forum

At the 10th M&A Forum on August 8th, 2018, RECOF was awarded as one of “The Best M&A Advisory Firms of the Decade” for being “the organization that made tireless efforts to promote M&A activities between Vietnam and Japan”. (Left) Mr. Vu Dai Thang (Deputy Minister, MPI) (Right) Mr. Le Trong Minh (Deputy Editors-in-Chief, VIR)

The letter of appreciation awarded by MPI

The letter of appreciation awarded by MPI

  • Aug. 2017

    Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 9th Vietnam M&A Forum
    Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 9th Vietnam M&A Forum
  • Aug. 2016

    Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 8th Vietnam M&A Forum
    Sponsor and Keynote Speaker at the 8th Vietnam M&A Forum

Widely Reported in the Local Media

Our comments on the recent trends in the M&A transactions between Vietnam and Japan have been widely reported in the Vietnamese media.

  • Aug, 2018

    Featured on the local news website "Nhip Cau Dau Tu"
    Reported in Local New site in Vietnam Nhip Cau Dau Tu
  • Aug, 2017

    The newspaper "Tuoi Tre" on the cover page and page7
    Reported in Local Newspaper

Our Founder's Activities in Vietnam

Founder's activities (Mr. Masaaki Yoshida): the Promotion of the State-level Projects to Strengthen the Ties between Vietnam and Japan

Masaaki Yoshida supported the establishment of "Kaizen Yoshida School" in HCMC in 2008. The school educates Japanese language and necessary business custom knowledge in Japan to young Vietnamese students, and sends them for training to Japan in the largest scale among similar schools in Vietnam.

In addition, he supported the development of Vietnam-Japan University in 2016, which was established as one of the organizations under the Vietnam National University in Hanoi.