Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

RECOF Corporation (“RECOF”) fully understands the importance of all personal information we handle,
and will adopt and abide by the below Privacy Policy in addition to complying with personal information protection laws and other applicable rules.

  • Collecting Personal Information

    RECOF will collect personal information through lawful and fair methods.

  • Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    RECOF will use personal information for the following purposes. RECOF will not use personal information for any other purpose without the consent of the relevant individual other than as provided by law or unless RECOF otherwise notifies or publishes such purpose.

    • For providing M&A intermediary or advisory related services, consulting services and other services of RECOF, and for communications related thereto.
    • For providing various information regarding products and services offered by RECOF and RECOFDATA Corporation and other related correspondences (such as notifying and contacting), and for sending New Year’s cards and other greeting cards.
    • For soliciting attendance to seminars and conferences hosted by RECOF.
    • For RECOF’s internal research, study and material preparation.
    • For RECOF’s recruiting activities, internships and human resources management after employment.
    • For responding to various inquiries and contacts.
  • Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    RECOF will not provide to third parties personal information collected by RECOF without the consent of the relevant individual other than as permitted by law.

  • Entrustment of Handling of Personal Information

    RECOF may entrust the handling of personal information to third parties within the extent necessary for the purposes of use.

  • Security Measures regarding Personal Information

    RECOF will designate a personal information controller and take measures to ensure, improve and correct security in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification, divulgation, etc. of personal information.

  • Request for Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Provision to Third Parties, etc.

    If RECOF receives any request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of provision to third parties, etc. of personal information in RECOF’s possession from the relevant individual, RECOF will oblige upon confirming the identity of the requester as the relevant individual.

  • Contact

    Please use the contact form to make any requests regarding personal information possessed by RECOF or any complaints, inquiries, etc. regarding the handling of personal information.

  • Enactment of and Compliance with Personal Information Compliance Program

    RECOF will enact a Personal Information Compliance Program (management system which includes policy to protect personal information, organization, implementation of plan, audit and review), and disseminate to its directors, officers and employees and comply with such program.

  • Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Compliance Program

    RECO will continuously review and improve the Personal Information Compliance Program. RECOF may also revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.